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28. Oct, 2016
28. Oct, 2016

Relaunch special edition Creative Portrait Magazine ©
THE RELAUNCH IS HERE ! Featuring COVER WINNERS Model Kennedy Elise & Photographer James Anthony In aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity

To order your copy where all profit goes to Muscular Dystrophy research
Quoting issue number ( Relaunch part 1 )
Please be sure to leave your address & allow 28 days from digital release for your mag to arrive !
Thank you & enjoy !
Gems <3

13. Aug, 2015

Well what a great time it has been for Creative Portrait Mag !

Issue 7 release was widely celebrated & has the largest number of reads on the digital platform, I was so excited when I recieved the print copy, I felt so blessed to have created such a wonderfuly creative & professional look to the magazine & that is down to the jawdroppingly good images submitted by you guys, the printing team were so impressed, they sent me an email to say what a pleasure it was to be involved in printing such an impressive professional publication, so well done to everyone, I couldn't have done it without you. 

You may remember in a previous blog, I mentioned  the super work of photographer Gary Major, who decided to give up some of his time to the campaign & organised a photoshoot fundraiser in aid of MD UK via Creative Portrait Magazine. After weeks of planing & sheer dedication to the cause the day was a great success & I can not wait  to share the collection of images & for you all to read about the day on our feature pages in this month's Issue 8, out on 20th August via our facebook page.

-  with congratulations to Malcolm Clark & Nicolle Modelle for making the front cover. Fabulous work from every single photographer involved in the day & I know it makes a big difference to the chairty, every single penny raised will make a difference to people's lives.

We have lots more exciting things going on & as you may have noticed I have slowly started to expand the team on social media, our two new page admins for the facebook page I am glad to introduce are fellow photographers, Tim Copsey & Tony Smith. Tim & Tony will be available on the facebook page sohuld you need any assistance with anything, I will be popping in to say hi & keeping you updated on all things Creative Portrait but at busy periods leading up to publication dates & working on projects for the mag, these guys will be here to help at these times. 

Which brings me on to another piece of awesome news ! 

We now have a resident photographer for Creative Portrait Magazine. I am pleased to introduce to you Simon Rich. Simon is a very talented photographer with a raw natural talent in any genre of photography. From Landscapes to Portraits. Fashion & Beauty, Simon has been a massive support to the magazine for many months now & we will be working together over the coming months on creative projects.

One of these projects being a Christmas Shoot. Simon will be offering shoots exclusively for Creative Portrait Magazine & the MD UK Charity combined. We are in the early stages at the moment, but we can't wait to get this started ! I also hope to have the opportunity to meet some of you at these events & get some articles writen up for the features. So please watch this space ! 

As I am sure you all know by now, after a few months of promotion the Model Awards 2015 are here & in just a few days time, we will have reached the deadline for votes ( 16.08.15 ) I have the contact details of 8 models & on the morning of the 16th I will be getting in touch with the winning model, there is still time to vote for your fav model, so please do send it in to me at 

The winner recieves a bespoke engraved trophy

A photo session with the super talented Lucas Ambrosio Photography London 

2 free copies of Creative Portrait Magazine with their featured work from the shoot. 

1 Clarins beauty goodie bag

Plus a dedicated slot on the website promoting thier work. 

Great prizes, I am sure you all agree ! 

All details of the model awards can be found on the facebook website on the left hand side in the notes section. 



That brings me to the end of my blog today, thanks for reading 

I look forward to the future of Creative Portrait Magazine & the #createdonate campaign in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK & I am so grateful for this time in my life, to be able to provide a new & exciting publication for everyone to enjoy, to raise awareness of the disease that I & so many others live with day in day out. It is without a doubt the most relentless thing I have ever had to deal with & with creating this magazine, it has found me some truly amazing & inspiring people & you all help me through when it gets tough & you all celebrate the magazine with me, for that I am touched & words fail me & I know for a fact the charity are so grateful to every single one of you


Gems :-) 🙂🙂🙂






30. Jul, 2015

Hi everyone. I am currently in Cornwall having a family break it has been lovely to spend some quality time with the family, we travel home tomorrow & I am resting up, not really looking forward to the journey home !

We came here last in April this year & we managed to do a lot more together, my mobility & strength was greater & I was able to spend a lot more time with the children. 

This time only 3 months on, I can't say it has been the same. The journey down was far worse than I can ever imagine & the time spent here has been at least 60 percent in bed. 

All sorts of emotions were felt during this break, I was happy to be away from "home life" happy to be out of the bedroom & the change of scenery has been refreshing. The children have played freely & have been a joy to be around. 

When we arrived at the accomodation we realised that there was no level access to the outside decking where the hot tub was which limited where I could go & confined me a little to the appartment, but to be honest, I didn't mind so much as it was just nice to be away & for the kids to have a holiday.

Having to accept the fact that obvious major changes have happened to my body over the last 3 months, I started to realise it was far more harder to cope. I have sat in my chair as much as I can, returning to the bed throughout the day to rest & try to get a break from the pain, weakness & fatigue.

My ability to move & perform tasks, to sit up & to stay alert, even for example cutting my food or raising my arms to drink I have realised is getting rather difficult. 

I have found myself "watching on" more, learning to step back & accept the things I can no longer do, I have used this time to re-evaluate where I am with my diagnosis & my acceptance of all that entails. 

I learnt this week that being involved in your children, watching them have fun, chatting with them & allowing them to have that time that all children should have, to learn new skills & have as much oppurtunity whatever your own situation is, is the best thing you can do.

If you can't physically be there for you children, it doesn't matter.... they are more than capable of doing that part, but the emotional support, the guidance, the love & attention is so important & that part I know I can still give. 

I feel like I am entering a new phase, I would be lying if I said it doesn't scare me, but I know through my ever changing disabilities, I always find new abilities - so the good outweighs the bad. 

I feel blessed to have the children, to be a Mum to them no matter what & to realise that they love me unconditionally means that my diagnosis is of no relevance to them, it is what it is - they just get on with it. I am still their Mum no matter what & that is the beauty of being a parent. So I will make the most of these times & keep "watching on" taking it all in & making sure they keep seeing me smile. 





28. Jul, 2015
Campaigning for Muscular Dystrophy UK via Creative Portrait Magazine

Today I had the honour to appear on the Muscular Dystrophy UK website & in their well read & very popular newsfeed via the facebook page.
See the link above to read my story.
Thanks all !
Speak soon